You may find some products here that you never knew existed, or never knew you wanted! We do our best to try and help people solve certain issues when it comes to the windows & glass in their homes and offices. Our staff will help you create whatever you might have in mind. We love working with people who have vague or specific ideas and watching the creativity come to life!

We specialize in a variety of films including window tint, frosted graphics and vinyls for residential and commercial businesses. Select a category below for more information on our products.


Window Tint

Solar & UV Films

Often called window tint & tinting, solar film helps reduce intense heat, glare and UV from the sun.

It's like sunscreen for your home!

Frosted Film

Privacy Films

Frosted to help create the right amount of privacy needed for example: bathroom windows, shower enclosures, entrance sidelights & transoms, boardroom office windows, etc.

Security Film

Safety & Security Films

Helps reduce the risk of injury in case a window is forcefully or accidentally broken, or to help keep out unwanted intruders in case of vandals and thieves.

Decorative Film


Custom decorative window films are fast becoming very popular in modern design when it comes to creating privacy with art or branding in the corporate and business world.

We work with architects, designers, business owners & home owners to help create spectacular design effects using various types of frosted, opaque & clear films that we can add colour graphics and cut out designs, adding privacy, beauty and style.


Custom Printing

Printing & Signs

Custom printed design for your window film gives it a personalised touch. We can also help with signage and decorative prints such as wall murals.


Custom Decals & Stickers

Logos & Decals

We can also create signage for many applications such as business entrance logos on doors & windows, custom window sticker decals, employee names & titles applied to sidelights, doors & walls.

Window barrier strips to help prevent accidentally walking into clear glass entrances & doors.