Our History

  • This company was founded by Chris LeClair in the late 70’s. As he was building his custom draperies & blinds business, he discovered solar window film in 1979 and saw a new and exciting product to offer his clients. A clear silver window film designed to reflect the intense heat, glare and UV of the sun.

    Because of it’s shiny mirrored exterior look, this film looked best on commercial windows. Soon after, he discovered automotive window tint and learned to apply the film to vehicles to help with privacy, heat and glare.

  • Years later he would open a shop in Moncton where he employed his 2 sons, Denny & Serge. Chris and Denny worked with the window films, and Serge ran the auto detail shop, cleaning and waxing vehicles. This is where Maritime Window Film Products and SunBusters Window Tinting and Car Cleaning were born, on the corner of King and Queen street in Moncton.

  • After a few years, there was a new law limiting the amount of tint allowed on a vehicle’s windows in New Brunswick and Chris decided to move into a different direction.

    He saw the window film business opening up in the residential market with new films designed with the homeowner in mind. These new window films came in many different neutral shades and tints and looked much less shiny than their commercial predecessors.

  • As the window film industry matured, they matured with it, trying many different products from the different window film suppliers and started to create relationships with the distributors and attending yearly conferences and learning about the latest greatest products in the window film industry.

  • This industry have grown in leaps and bounds since the early days, since the 90’s we’ve seen a gradual trend in the way that frosted films were being used as an alternative to bulky drapes and blinds in certain areas.

    As companies started using more and more glass in their offices and boardrooms, the need for privacy increased and these frosted films soon became a simple solution to add privacy quickly and efficiently.

    As the trend progressed, window film manufacturers started creating custom patterns and designs that could be used in many more applications including bathroom windows, entrance sidelights and transoms, boardroom and office windows.

    With many architects and designers noticing this trend as well, frosted decorative films quickly became a new medium in office privacy solutions and Maritime Window Films were seeing a shift in their sales of these types of films.